JPID - Vol 07 - Issue 01


Article 1: Fully guided All-on-4 technique: A controlled approach

Neeti Solanki, Lakshya Kumar, Akanksha Yadav

Article 2: Rehabilitation of Deep Bite with Dental Implants and Fixed Dental Prostheses: A Case Report

Ankita Pal, Mukesh Kumar Singhal, Megha Chopra, Divya Jha, Polysmita Ojah

Article 3: Full Mouth Rehabilitation by Hobo Twin Stage Philosophy in Hypomaturation Type Amelogenesis Imperfecta: A Case Report

Shayistha M U, Vivek V. Nair, Harshakumar Karunakaran, Ravichandran Rajagopal

Article 4: Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on patients seeking prosthodontic treatment- A Cross Sectional Study

Litty Francis, Deepthi. V.S

Article 5: Obstructive sleep apnea and its Prosthodontic management: A Dental Outlook

Navya N B, Sanjayagouda B Patil, Abhilasha S B, Ankitha Thejus

Article 6: Single visit feeding plate for infant: A Case Report

Ankitha Thejus K, Sanjayagouda B Patil, Kiran Kumar H S, Navya N B, Abhilasha S B

Article 7: Novel spacer designs to limit the Residual Alveolar Ridge Resorption in Edentulous Arches

Sanjayagouda B. Patil1, Manashvini S. Patil, Sneha Hegde

Article 8: Management of a Fractured Implant Abutment Screw - A Case Report

Premkumar S, Prasad Aravind, Cimmy Augustine, Dipin, Lino Paul

Article 9: Management of Implant Screw Loosening -A Case Report

Sreya Mahesh, Prasad Aravind, Cimmy Augustine, Nirosha Vijayan, Lino Paul



Dr. Adhershitha AR

JPID – The journal of Prosthetic and Implant Dentistry / Volume 7 Issue 1 / Sept–Dec 2023

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