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Tooth loss is a common occurrence in mankind and it can affect the health of the human being as well. There are several treatment modalities available for restoring missing teeth, however dental implants are considered a better available treatment in the paradigm shift from traditional dental therapies such as fixed dental bridges and removable dentures. This treatment modality is based on “Osseointegration” i.e., Direct bone implant contact” which possess some inevitable problems such as masticatory force concentration and immobility of dental implants. Prof PI Branemark coined the term “Osseoperception” and described it as the capability of osseointegrated titanium implants to transmit certain sensibility. The absence of periodontal ligaments and Ruffini-like endings around implants is responsible for the decrease in osseoperception of dental implants. So in the past three decades several successful experiments have been conducted regarding “Biohybrid implants”. The undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells which are capable of differentiating into cementum, bone, PDL are attached to implant surface. This will enhance their function to simulate normal tooth physiology and proprioception. This would revolutionize the implant dentistry and will be favoured by the patient as well.

Dr. Shari S.R, Senior Resident,
Government Dental College, Thiruvananthapuram.


Article 1: Effect of Feeding Obturator on Growth Parameter in a Patient with Pierre-Robin Sequence

Himanshi Aggarwal, Deeksha Arya, Saumyendra V Singh, Anupama Pathak


Article 2: A Comparative Evaluation of the Effect of Ozonated Water and 2% Glutaraldehyde as Disinfectants on the Physical Properties of Polyvinyl Siloxane Impression Material-An Invitro Study”

Jasna Jabbar, Kurien Varghese, William Thomas, Shahana Taj, Vishnu S


Article 3: Comparative Evaluation of Crestal Bone Level in Relation to Implants Placed Using Conventional Osteotomes and Bone Expansion Screws

Bini K. Ravi, Harshakumar K, Prasanth V., Litty Francis, Shari S.R


Article 4: “Assessment of lifestyle of Post Graduate students and its effect on their health in Vidarbha region: a questionnaire study”.

Anushree Bhoge, Neelam Pande, Usha Radke, Hitendra Jain


Article 5: Esthetic Reconstruction With Cheek Plumpers: A Case Report

Eaketha P Lokesh, Swapna C, Sheejith M


Article 6: Single Anterior Tooth Replacement By Maryland Bridge With Loop Connector: A Case Report

V.N.V. Madhav, Priyanka Patil


Article 7: Nanotechnology - A new dimension in prosthodontics

Reecha Gupta1, Sunny Sharma


Article 8: Implant -Abutment Connections: A Review On Marginal Bone Loss

Harinee A, Indu Raj, Femitha Syed, Devidas K P


Article 9: Changing Trends In Immediate Loading Of Implants

Harsha Kumar K, Puvvadi Kalyani, Shifa Balkhis A, Kavitha Janardanan



 Arya Sudarsanan

JPID – The journal of Prosthetic and Implant Dentistry / Volume 6 Issue 1 / Sept–Dec 2022

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