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*Evolution of denture and denture bases.*

Humbly beginning from being footnotes in the journals of Hippocrates and Aristotle, the science of dentistry has seen disruptive changes in the past century itself, let alone the last thousand years. Whether it was Pierre Fauchard penning his influential book “The Surgeon Dentist” or the setting up of first ever dental college in Baltimore, U.S, it has influenced human history itself by shaping up a new avenue in the field of personal health and hygiene. From the ancient Egyptian and Etruscan dentures to the ultramodern PEEK and CAD-CAM dentures, the history of dentures too have come a long way, transcending the smiles, and hence the lives of millions. With the advent of more and more advanced technologies by the day, hopefully we can see more fascinating upgrades to dentures and denture bases.

Sivaduth RP (3rd BDS student)
Dr Anjana Ravindran (Faculty)
PMS College of Dental Science & Research, Trivandrum


Article 1: “Denture Stomatitis - A Review”

Grover C, Dhawan P, Mehta D, Nautiyal M


Article 2: Evaluation of marginal fit and interal fit of metal copings fabricated by three different techniques- an in vitro study

R. Sonali, Vidhya Sankari, Shanmugapriya, Aashna


Article 3: Prosthetic rehabilitation of partially amputated finger with customized ring - A case report

Arun kumar C.S., J. BrinthaJei, Murugesan K., B. Muthukumar


Article 4: Diagnosis and management of sleep bruxism

Aswathy A Kumar, Aiswarya R Nair, Fayiz S Faizal, Sudeep S, Manoj Prasad PG


Article 5: Ocular prosthesis an assured treatment modality for early aesthetic rehabilitation of an enucleated eye socket in a child patient – A case report

Mokshada Manohar Badadare, Sanjayagouda B. Patil, Abhijit A. Tambe, Sudhakara G. Bhat


Article 6: Tooth supported overdentures: Comparison of direct technique (Rigid) verses indirect technique (resilient) of stud attachment.

Tambe Abhijit Anil, Mitesh Lodha, Mokshada Manohar Badadare, Sanjaygouda B. Patil, Sudhakara Bhat


Article 7: The Restoration of an Aesthetic and Functional Abutment Under an Existing Cast Partial Denture - A Simple Technique.

K Aswini Kumar, Sreeprabha G Mohan, Sruthi P B, Ashwin Gangadharan, Reshma Suresh, K. Chandrasekharan Nair


Article 8: Socket shield technique - an innovative and less invasive approach in implant dentistry

Faheem Azad K, Ranjith.M, Sheejith M, Swapna C



Haby Mathew Somson

JPID – The journal of Prosthetic and Implant Dentistry / Volume 5 Issue 2 / Jan–Apr 2022

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