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Integrating the biomechanical aspects of masticatory system by 3 dimensional transfer of spatial relationship of maxilla thereby simulating arc of closure as in that of the patient, Facebow brought about revolutionary changes in the history of prosthodontics. Dynamic developments occurred after the advent of prototype model snow facebow in 1889. It evolved around controversies with regard to existence of hinge axis, its location, number, accuracy and usefulness emerging into world of virtual reality Cover page concept & design by: Dr. Anu Mary Joy, BDS, MDS.


Article 1: Retrieval of a Cold Welded Gingival Former - A Case Report

Prasad Aravind, Abdul Razak P, Deepthi Venugopalan, Nimisha Ramesh, Athira M

Article 2: Face Bow Transfer, is it Necessary in Prosthodontics – A Critical Review

Sheejith M, Swapna C, Roshy George, Niveditha S Prasad

Article 3: Asepsis in Prosthodontics

Prabu P, Ajmal Khan Kattak S, Neetika Prabu, Beenu V, Shani J Nair, M S Sreeleksmi

Article 4: Comparison of Staining of Ceramic by Regular Chlorhexidine Mouthwash and Chlorhexidine (ADS) Anti-Discolouration System.

P. Kabilan, N. Venkatesan, K.Prabhu, Mohammad Imthiyas

Article 5: An Economical Technique to Fabricatea Tooth supported stud attachment by duplicating Implant Ball Attachment: A Clinical Report

Babashankar Alva, Shobhit Agarwal, Anoop Sharma, Sanober Khan

Article 6: Considerations in Cantilever Fixed Dental Prosthesis

Prasad Aravind, Abdul Razak P, Nimisha Ramesh, Deepthi Venugopalan, Athira M

Article 7: Finger Prosthesis Retained Using A Bicortical Implant –A Case Report

Pattathil Abdul Razak, Prasad Aravind, Deepthi Venugopalan, Nimisha Ramesh, M Athira

Article 8: 3D Bio Printing In Maxillofacial Region

Sarath S S, Ajithkumar K; Abhilash B, Jyothi K N, Vidya K G; Prasanth V


Haby Mathew Somson

JPID – The journal of Prosthetic and Implant Dentistry / Volume 4 Issue 2 / Jan–Apr 2021

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